The Voice Issue 29: May/June 2017 - Page 34

Through Your Eyes

Through my eyes you are beautiful.

The person next to me might not see it.

They might not see the sparkle in your eyes,

the gentle wave of your hair.

But I do.

Through my eyes you are a friend,

but not just a friend.

You are a heartbreak,

you are a question, you are an answer,

all combined.

You are someone who has achieved the goals

I’m working to accomplish.

You are a light in the dark,

and you are the darkness that covers me.

You are the only one who can stop my tears.

You are the one who is making them fall.

Through my eyes you are all these things.

Who am I through your eyes?

Am I a friend, or am I more than a friend?

Am I beautiful, or am I ugly?

Am I the light, or am I the dark?

Am I a heartbreak, or am I a mere second thought?

Do I look like a failure because I am still trying,

while you are succeeding more than I probably ever can?

I know how you look through my eyes,

how I see you…

How do I look through your eyes?

How do you see me?

Sometimes I wish I could see myself through

your eyes,

just for one day.

- Lila, Charlotte, VT

Lauren Boerger, Essex Junction, VT