The Voice Issue 29: May/June 2017 - Page 25


Remember that hike?

Where the three of us stood at the bottom

Of a beaten path

That was nicely laid out

With stones and markers?

Remember how we all laughed

At the prospect of taking the easy way out,

And took a path invisible to all others?

A path hidden by


Jagged rock faces,

And lack of markers.

If you fell,

You’d have a bed of Vermont green to cradle you.

Remember how when we screamed?

We screamed loud enough

To put Peter Pan and his Lost Boys to shame.

Then we finally got to the top of that mountain,

Where we saw a bird's eye view of a sea of trees -

That, I do not need to ask if you remember.

Remember that hike?

We should do that again.

-Thenbenhappened, Georgia, VT

Madi Cohen, Jericho, VT