The Voice Issue 29: May/June 2017 - Page 15


for all those who no longer dream,

or have forgotten how to believe,

forgotten how to believe in the country

that they know won’t even give them an apology.

I can’t speak for this country,

and I haven’t really played a part in this.

Still you deserve an apology,

and I’m tired of sitting around wishing it wasn’t like this.

So I’m sorry for your struggle.

Truthfully some of this has me truly befuddled.

Still, I hope that some day I can once again know this country.

Until that day, let us continue to march hand in hand.

Let us take a stand, march with one simple demand.

Let us defend those who cannot speak up,

and let us cry out when enough is enough.

Hopefully some day, we can have true equality.

But until then, I think all we’ll get is what we expect.

- Icarus Blackmore, Mendon