The Voice Issue 29: May/June 2017 - Page 14



Here we we go again, arguing over how this could have been prevented,

as we realize Trump’s first 100 days are just as bad as we expected.

We cared less about Clinton’s credentials

and more about how she presented.

Still the majority voted for her.

But now that’s all a blur.

As I try to recount all that’s gone down,

I can’t help but frown.

Why are so many people so shocked that the “business man” could be bought?

Why are so many people so shocked that DeVos doesn’t understand what’s taught?

Republicans hadn’t been working on a new health plan all this time?

They’d just been content to sit and whine? What a surprise!

You know it would almost be funny,

if we weren’t worried about whether in nuclear winter it would still be sunny.

People had ties with Russia; oh, what a big surprise.

We all already knew this administration lied.

Still we forget to account for those who will be affected by this.

However much we close our eyes and wish,

On some invisible shooting star.

This is where we are.

So let me just say to those who are affected,

I’m sorry this wasn’t prevented.

I’m sorry for all you’ll have to go through.

And I hope we’ll be right there with you.

For those immigrants only now getting here,

for all those who feel they have to live in fear,

for all those who can’t find any sort of proper paying job,

for the Muslim women afraid to wear the hijab,

for all those who are afraid of being pulled over by a cop,

for all those who lost their job because of their sexuality,

for all those who aren’t safe because of their gender identity,

or have forgotten how to believe,

forgotten how to believe in the country

that they know won’t even give them an apology.

I can’t speak for this country,

and I haven’t really played a part in this.

Still you deserve an apology,

and I’m tired of sitting around wishing it wasn’t like this.

So I’m sorry for your struggle.

Truthfully some of this has me truly befuddled.

Still, I hope that some day I can once again know this country.

Until that day, let us continue to march hand in hand.

Let us take a stand, march with one simple demand.

Let us defend those who cannot speak up,

and let us cry out when enough is enough.

Hopefully some day, we can have true equality.

But until then, I think all we’ll get is what we expect.

- Isabel Blankenbaker, Rutland

Icarus Blackmore

Kevin Huang, Burlington, VT