The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 94

EF: I have found my own way of applying eyelashes now, but it took me a while, do you have a top tip for applying eye lashes? NS: You just have to go for it a bit! People are always a bit nervous of putting on lashes but once you’ve got the knack it’s fine. I would say don’t put too much glue on the lash (glue in the eye really hurts!) and wait for a minute until it goes tacky before you try to put them on. Don’t put them too close to the inner corners or it can be uncomfortable, and I use the end of a make up brush to press them in place. Also if you have an old eye-shadow brush that’s lost most of it’s bristles, keep it!! It’s really useful to put any extra glue on the edges if you need to! Or get a really fine artists’ paint brush. EF: Any tips on what colours we should use for skin tone, with eye shadow etc? NS: With foundations you want to match the colour as closely as you can with your skin tone – you never really want to see that! Eye shadows that contrast the eye colour always look good. Olive and darker skins can generally get away with more vibrant colours, but it can also be down to personal style too. I have green eyes and wear a lot of greys,