The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 92

THE LOOK BOOK PROFILE INTERVIEW MAKE-UP ARTIST NATASCHA NATASCHA SOHL Natascha Sohl, is a working singer. She writes and performs her own songs, has TV show synchs – such as The Hills and gigs live every weekend. She is also a make-up artist. This has always been her passion and now her profession hand in hand with her music. She mainly does makeup for musicians and performers. We caught up recently and she was happy to answer a few questions I had on how us singers can do our own make-up. She also agreed to give us some tips we can take to our next gig! EF: When playing a gig is there anything you do differently with your make-up to everyday make-up? NS: Yes, but it’s really important to still look like you, unless you have a specific ‘look’ that you’re going for. You just really need to exaggerate things and be a bit more over the top. I always use foundation when on stage, so you‘ve got a good base to work from – but use a good one that won’t sweat down your face when you’re rocking out! EF: Would you use the same base make-up for photo shoot, video & live show? NS: You can do but you have to be aware that when you’re on stage you’re at a distance, but for photos and video you will see any imperfection so you have to be a bit more subtle. I would always go a little lighter on foundation and make sure everything is really well blended – you don’t want to be able to see the make up on the skin, you just want the skin to look flawless! For live a heavier foundation that wont budge is essential. On stage lighting will wash you out so you can afford to go a bit heavier with things, but also be aware that some lighting may change the colour of lips sticks and eye colours. dr s acc 3 an a The Vocalist Magazine 92