The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 87

ISTYLE CONFIDENCE The minute you put the outfit on you should know that that’s the one, never wear anything average, You gotta feel the rock star to be the Rock Star. By ERIKA FOOTMAN TOP Tips or The Stage s fantastic style, because she knows o wear things that may seem strange. for stage, she doesn’t wear just anyl make an impact on the eye of the me part of the show. She knows how w to make them look great. Meaning, rs the clothes. ATTITUDE How you feel in the clothes is so important, make sure you feel great. If you walk on stage and you don’t feel comfortable it changes how you sing, you are so exposed as the singer. If you don’t feel amazing you can feel awkward and insecure. Credit Photo (Djansezian/AP ) TALK Ana nsie S kin S kunk ore tage, say m a rock star!” live it, be it!! 87