The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 86

VOCALI COMFORT Don’t get anything that will make you feel uncomfortable on stage as that is the quickest way to ensure you have a bad gig. Uncomfortable shoes are a definite no, when choosing clothes and shoes, think about how you will move on stage. However if you are wearing something uncomfortable, but you feel and look amazing in it, it will be worth it. Sometimes you have to suffer for fashion!! SKINS TO For Styling Fo This is what I got from Skin, she has what she likes and she is not afraid to She goes for angles and silhouettes f thing, she wears something that will audience. Something that will becom to move in them and she knows how the clothes don’t wear her, she wear BE BRAVE The stage is where you can be expressive, you can never be too showy on stage, you’ve got to be mad and it’s got to be fun!! PEP T Steven Tyler Befo going on st to yourself, “I’m Say it, feel it, l 86 Credit Photo glamazondiaries