The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 79

TVM: Do you have a particular style as a manager? You know what, I’m not a 9-5 kind of guy. I do whatever it take, if I have to work on Saturday’s and Sunday’s I will. Persistency, organization, and passion. Those are the three main things that drive me to do what I do. Just do great business, don’t burn your bridges, and go with your principles and beliefs. And don’t screw anybody on the way (laughs). TVM: What are your responsibilities as an artist manager? I am basically the between the artist and the record label. I make sure the marketing is done right, and the products are released in a timely manner, everything from codes to licenses and whatever paper work we need to cover. Also I ensure that my artist’s interest is always in mind, because you know record labels sometimes have several artists, and I wanna make sure he is always a priority. So that’s what I do on a record label side of things but at the same time my other responsibilities are to create opportunities to generate income such as touring, endorsement deals, all that stuff. Touring has always been a big part of our career. I have to make sure that Karl has the best opportunities whether it’s in Canada or Japan, middle East or the U.S. Always looking for new opportunities and coordinate tours and shows along with his booking agent. I am the liaison between the booking agent and the artist as well. One of my main roles right now is finding Karl a record deal in the U.S and in Europe. But mainly in the U.S. That’s like my biggest goal as we speak right now. TVM: Is Karl Wolf the only artist that you manage? No. I manage Craig Smart and a new artist Cassandra Debison, she is eighteen years old. I also manage Karl’s DJ, DJ Romeo AM. KARL WOLF 79 Credit Image -