The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 75

extravagant demands. In terms of whatever we have to supply to make them happy, that’s not a big deal. In festival season, we are not alone, there are many other festivals, so the artist must come in and go pretty quick sometimes. So you need to coordinate, at least while they are here, all the transport and everything. It can be challenging because there is about 3, 000 of them coming into the city in about ten days, but like I said, it’s not extravagant. It just comes with the law of the land during the festival season. You need to have very good infrastructure in terms of transport and coordination, to make sure that every body gets to the right place at the right time and leave the city rapidly. So this requires a preparation with the immigration department, this is a real challenge, because sometimes you don’t always have all the details that you need way in advance. Some people are last minute to tell us there timing-so this can become quite tense at some times. But we are a very experienced team, the Festival is in it’s 33rd year, some people have been with us for twenty-five years, so obviously they know what it entails. TVM: How experienced/ inexperienced does an artist have to be in order to be booked? Um... It depends. Normally we do deal with recording artists. Because before discovering them-like we very pretentiously say sometimes (laughs)- they have to discover themselves. So it’s not for totally inexperienced artists to play at the Jazz Festiva ]H]H\Y\\HH۸&]]H[HX][ \[\\H[]]HHYH\]][ۋHXZ]H[[و]\X[HH\[]\][[H]\X۝[[ۜ\[ [[HXZH\[X[ۜˈ]]8&\[\Yۈٙ\[ۘ[\H[\ˈ؝[\H[[\\\XܙY H[\H^\]8&\ZH]\YK[H۸&]]H]HXܙX[XZHHXܙ ]YKH][HYYYH^\Y[K[H۸&]\[XHۈYH\܈HZHو] X]\H][H]H][X]X܈[\\\\Y[[HXY]Hܛ]\X[H[Y\[ HYHܛ]ܜ\H]HXKHXXˈ]]8&\X]\H^H\HHYHܛ]^H\H[YX]Y H]Z]HH]KH\XX[H[[۝X[Y\[\HYX\ˈܛ\H[\X\X ]^H\HZ]K^H[X\H]X[]H\ܛX[K[XۙHܝBܙY][XYH H[Y[KBB