The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 53

music-models-headphones-girl-lying-down/ Do:need enough sleep.enough sleep. eight Thou shall get Singers Preferably, at least • Drinking ice cold thirst-quenchers, whether it is water, juice, or any other fluids, is like torturing your ‘vocal instrument’. Too much cold will cause vasoconstriction to the blood vessels of your vocal cords which, in turn, will make them restrained or stiff; thus hampering the innate stretching capacity of your vocal cords. And as you try singing in this condition, you are just putting your voice in to grave danger. • Too much caffeine is a no-no to every singer because it causes dehydration which pulls off the needed moisture away from your vocal cords. In turn, this would make them viscous and inelastic which limits their vibrating capacity during singing. hours. So the question now is, “why do singers should get enough meaningful sleep”? Remember that when you sing, you use your vocal cords in a greater level than when you use them for doing usual talks or conversations. When you sing, they vibrate and exert more. Just as how the body recharges and repairs inconsistencies through rest and sleep, the same mechanism applies to your vocal cords as well. In addition, you always have to remember that your body functions in conjunction to your singing. If you are deprived of sleep, your body lacks the necessary energy to focus and respond to singing and breathing techniques. The inability to execute proper singing methods due to lack of focus and energy deprivation can jeopardize your overall performance. Thou shall not consume dairy products, milk, chocolate, or any sweets before an upcoming performance. Do’t: As much as possible, singers should refrain from eating and drinking too much sweets, chocolates, milk, or dairy products. Wanna know the common denominator of all these food? Well, these are all mucousforming delights my darlings. And you wouldn’t want too much mucous in your throat and vocal cords because it would surely prevent you from singing at your best. Moreover, mucous secretions accumulating in your throat might also cause irritation which can lead to infection or inflammation. Do’t: Alcoholic beverages, ice cold thirst-quenchers, and caffeine-rich concoctions are the top three things you MUST AVOID drinking regardless whether you have an upcoming performance or none. You might ask, “WHY NOT?” Well here are some pertinent answers for you to ponder on: Alcoholic beverages are composed of strong chemicals which can damage the mucosal lining of your internal neck structures, particularly your throat and vocal cords. The belief that having a little “shot” of whisky before proceeding on a performance makes you perform better is NEVER true. It even makes your throat dry which might initiate vigorous coughing and pressure that can cause potential trauma to your vocal cords. Thou shall be careful on what you drinks. MARIA KRISTINA D. SIUAGAN, also known as Tina is a freelance blogger writing and sharing about healthy, fun, rockish, and useful stuff. 53