The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 52

The Ten Commandments of Singing By MARIA KRISTINA D. SIUAGAN Rationale: Singing without warming up, shouting on top of your voice, talking without rest, and other similar deeds are some of the many detrimental practices most singer do with their voices. These will cause too much pressure and strain to your vocal cords which can jeopardize the integrity of their membranes. Periodic exposure to these activities can also lead to inflammation or formation of nodules and polyps which are common causes of temporary or permanent loss of voice. Remedy: Prevention of vocal abuse is the rule of the thumb. Singers are required to warm-up their voices at least ten to twenty minutes before doing an actual singing performance. Basically, there are a number of vocal warm-ups singers could use to prep up their voices. Personally, I find doing lip trills the most useful. You also have to allot some time to allow up routine and abstain from abusive vocal activities. Tips For Vocalists and Aspiring Singers and vocal Do: Thou shall follow a vocal warm- your voiceYou can docords to “recharge” and regain strength. it by dedicating at least two days of rest in a week to let your vocal cords relax from your week-long singing engagements. And lastly, avoid talking too loud. Make sure to speak in a properly modulated voice and permit rests in between speeches or conversations. proper nutrition. Do: Thou shall eat healthy and maintain Proper nutrition enables you to acquire the nee FVBVW&wfF֖2B֖W&2FF7G&VwF&fRVGBv&BfbF6V6R6W6rFvV2B26vW"RvVBVVBFBBb&GFN( 2v2G2W&fV7B6FFFvfRWfW'6rW"&W7BBFFW&f&6RVvR6vW'26VB667VRfF֖2&6fB&GV7G2fF֖2&7G2W"&G( 2VGࠣS