The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 46

Five Ways to Kill A Vocal Track By Elise Malmberg* Just because you’re a good singer doesn’t mean you’re a great vocalist. The truth is, a really good vocalist, regardless of natural ability, has an attitude and a point of view that merely “pretty” singers sometimes lack. The best way to become a good vocalist is to know your voice — both its strengths and its weaknesses. Don’t try to make your voice do things it wasn’t designed to do. When it comes to recording, there are even more potential vocal pitfalls. To help keep your vocal tracks alive and well in the studio, here are a few things to guard against. isms, no matter how much you love them — it usually produces dire results. Sadly, it’s the singers who almost manage to sound like their idols that become particular targets of ridicule. Recording Studio | DJJONB Common causes and cures for vocal recording problems Di’ja in the studio with her manager How to fix it: Warm up properly before singing, but don’t wear out your voice before you begin tracking. If you’re not getting what you want, take a break and try again later. Blowing out your voice and continuing to sing will get you nowhere, and could lead to permanent vocal damage. 2 Too much attention can smother an otherwise healthy vocal track. This type of fussiness takes many forms. Over-rehearsal can make a vocal sound tired and uninspired. Focusing too much on technique — details of pitch, enunciation, and vibrato — can lead to the same end (and worse, make you sound l R^( &RVFFrf"FW"FVFW"&GV7Fb6G2fW"VFr"W6rF&BgFVW2f"Vvǒ7G&FVBFW2'WBW&VBFWF6VBFRFB62VFB6f7F6fW7B2fB6R熖WG6R6RW&f&W'2fW&WFVB"6VB6Vb666W27F&rFvFR&'&Vb֖7&R6&RFVFrWW&V6S6R6vW'2vWB&RW'fW2FR7GVFFFWF7FvRbF2277VRf"RG'6vrvFFRƖvG2fb"f6Rvg&FRVvVW"&V6&B6WfW&FW2&6F&6vFWB7FrFƗ7FV"f֗7FW2F( BFFV6( BW7B6r&Bb&WfW&"W"VGW266VRRfVV&R6fFVB'WBF( BvfW&&&BvFFRVffV7B"B6W6RF6&&V27VrbG'rF&CV6RV6RV6RF( BGFVBF֗FFRFW"6vW.( 2W"РG'rF&@66rFR&vB֖22W7BFR&VvrR6fRFV&rFW6RB&W&ǒ&W"֖2FV6VR6RvBf67V7F7V"vR&BFV6VR6RBVƗ7FV&R"BFRfW'V7BFBW'2bv&FW"֗6vrF66RFFR֖2&GV6RVVv2( &֗GVffV7B( v6vfW2f62&גVffVBVƗG6vrFf"vg&FR֖226&&VF3FRf6&V6W2&RFfgW6RB26&VB'FR6VBbFR&v6N( 2&Vr&V6&FVBvfrRfWvW"F2f"FW"&6W76rࠤfVG֖2FV6VPFRf6Ɨ7BvPC`