The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 45

The mind of a musical artist can go one thousand miles an hour. In order to capitalize on what could eventually be a groundbreaking idea, you must write everything down. If you prefer to keep a notebook, send yourself and email, or type a quick note into your phone or tablet, whatever you do, WRITE IT DOWN. This is an ever-changing industry. In addition to that, life seems to creep its way into your progression as an artist. This is why it is essential to write things down and adjust your plan as you go. It’s the only true way to adapt. Indie, Alternative and Rock Festivals 5 Stop Not Writing Things Down Don’t be afraid to collaborate with artists outside of your immediate circle. This is an opportunity to see how others may perform, record, write, or promote. It’s also an opportunity to introduce yourself to their fan base as well as introducing them to yours. Who knows, you may be able to tour based on the combined fan bases. 6 Stop Being An Introvert You must take advantage of opportunities. No one knows exactly how they will, if ever, get their big break 7 Stop Letting your Ego Hold You Back in the music business. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity. Don’t turn down a possibly great opportunity just because it’s not how you picture your entrance into the music industry. You can’t bully people into liking your music. Sending out 15,000 tweets a day to people with links to your song and then getting mad at them for not responding is not going into the right direction. Some may listen and some may not, but that’s their right as a consumer. It doesn’t make them a “hater,” it simply makes them a person with the basic right to listen or not to listen. Furthermore, don’t get mad if they don’t like the music you do. Everyone isn’t going to be as passionate about your craft as you are, but that doesn’t give you the right to try to force them to be. 8 Stop Strong-Arming Fans but follow up is key to succeeding in the music industry, or any form of business for that matter. Even if you don’t have a direct answer right then, at least give the courtesy of acknowledging the person who is trying to work with you. Answering a text, tweet, email, or call should be almost second nature, especially if it’s relating to the advancement of your career. However, for some it’s just the opposite. Sometimes things may escape you, 9 Stop Not Following Up Life happens. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to let your circumstances stop you from doing what it is you want to do? There are multiplatinum, Grammywinning artists who were homeless at one point, but it didn’t stop their progression. People usually make time and effort for the things that they want to do. You have to go that extra mile. Whenever you feel like you’ve gone 100% for your craft, go 10% more. Stay up that extra hour answering emails, or planning out your next day. If you’ve gotten 100 “no thank you’s” from venues in your area, call 100 more. This business is not for the weak at heart, and there is an unnaturally large amount of rejection that comes with it, but it is possible. You just have to want it. 10 Stop Making Excuses * Nick Eden is a singer/songwriter/R&B. He is a winner of the Steve Harvey New Star Project and has recently appeared on BET/Centric’s Apollo Live. Follow him on twitter @nickeden. 45