The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 18

INTERVIEW Malik. Today we are hanging out with Nelly Fertado! How are you today? Nelly. I’m great! Nice to meet you! Malik. You’re looking great, Nelly: Thank you! Malik: what’s the secret? Nelly. The secret?! Great hair and makeup team! (she laughs) No. I try not to stress I guess...Simple things right? Sleeping! Trying to. Water! I’m on tour now and it’s hard to sleep on the tour bus I have to say! So yeah! over the years there are little tricks you pick up. Malik. Let’s talk about your new album The Spirit Indestructible. Why that title? Nelly. Well you know I wrote the song Spirit Indestructible and it was like I couldn’t think of a better title I just thought this is powerful. I was reading a book, and I saw the straight words The-Spirit- Indestructible in reference to how we all have that within us. And the words jumped out at me from the page and I thought...Wow!..that’s a hot album title, and then I wrote the song that went with the album title. So sometimes or all the time it can be weird like that, they kinda come even before you’ve written the songs that’s what happened. Malik. I had a chance to listen to the 4 single from the 3 first albums, they are very different styles in the album, how would you describe the energy and the vibe of your album? Nelly. The energy is spiritual on this album you know my first album was like more in the brain, the second album was in the heart, the third was in the body and this fourth english record it’s all about the spirit, it’s all about this joyful sort of adrenaline and this youthful kind of joy and it really comes out of the record. I fell like a lot of these songs are like soul food. The album feels to me like a hallelujah ‘cause I was in a really kind of place when I wrote it. I just got back from my first trip to Kenya in Africa with “Free the children”. I just meet all these people that inspired me so much. That’s why all that vibrations is on the album. Malik. Ok and talking about Kenya in Africa I know, you’re working on building a school down there? Nelly. Yeah! We’ve started building the school this year, on my second trip there, it’s called “Oleleschwa”. Actually on this tour we are selling merchandise and all the proceeds goes to Oleleschwa. We have this special t-shirt called “The Spirit Indestructible”. It’s a high school for girls in the Maasai region. Basically the government education ends at grade 8 so they have to pay for high school. This school is like a boarding school for them to come. It’s focus on the community and all the different cultures coming together. Just enthusiastic girls who are excited to be at school. That inspired me and makes me think back when I was fifteen, kind of missing the bus on purpose to school. 18