The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 148

Montreal MUSIC EDUCATION McGill University - Schulich School of Music Description : Intensive and complete jazz program, including theory and practical instructions. Wide variety of venues to perform, including McGill University and various restaurants & jazz clubs. Description : We have a jazz guitar & jazz vocal ensemble, a latin combo, and a jazz history course. UQAM offers a popular music program allowing a vast array of musical styles (popular song, jazz, world music, rock, folk, country, etc.) Université de Montréal Description : Our jazz program distinguishes itself in that it not only takes into consideration jazz music from the 1940s to the 1970s but also, fusion and contemporary jazz music from the 1970s to today. A number of styles are thus covered, such as ragtime, swing, be-bop, hard-bop, free-jazz, acid-jazz, funk, fusion, latin, etc. The program follows the evolution of jazz all the while adapting to the new styles that can attach themselves to these. Of course, the blues and the jazz standards remain the classic repertoire and the basis of teaching. Description : We offer popular and jazz programs including piano, bass, guitar, drums, trumpet, trombone, saxophone & voice. University Laval - Faculty of Music (Québec) University of Sherbrooke - Faculty of Music Description : Our jazz program allows students to perform standards, to improvise, arrange, compose, teach and use the technology. Université du Québec à Montréal - UQAM The Vocalist Magazine 148