The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 143

Credit Image - The extravagant floor-to-ceiling mirrored entrance of House of Jazz is really just a tease compared to the dramatic decor that awaits inside the resto/ lounge. Who to praise but the eccentric owner, Georges Durst, an avid antique collector, and exceptional business entrepreneur whose signature sense of decor is not far from extravganza. “I picked every piece,” said Durst enthusiastically about his involvement in the decorating process. Its romantic atmosphere with dazzling chandeliers, cozy banquettes, and impressive art pieces: from paintings to bronze statues and antique lamps, It is no Among the talented array of featured artists, are none other than Liza Minelli, Tony Bennett, Charlie Biddle, Ranee Lee, Oliver Jones and Oscar Peterson. Of course new talent is always welcomed, however an ability to entertain the audience is as important as a great voice. From jazz to soul, funk, retro and even Latin rhythms, a diversified selection of musical genres can be enjoyed at different times. “I’ve seen a lot of vocalists come and go, but what I would say to young vocalists is don’t give up your dream, because it is only your dreams that will make you successful,” said Durst. For up-and-coming artists looking to be booked, there is no escaping social media. Mr. Durst pays close attention to the number of fans on your social networking pages such as Facebook and Twitter. If the number is promising, there is a likely chance there is no wonder it is frequented by sixty percent couples (young and old alike). The peculiar levels of seating elevation (four to be exact), along with the dimly lit ambiance resembles an old-style Chicago gentleman’s club. As for the menu, the star is the classic Pork Ribs and Chicken combination with a traditional side order of fries and coleslaw. The fairly priced cocktail selection will also likely impress, with 6, 000 martinis sold in just the last year, their popularity is deliciously deserved. to appear on stage. Today, most of the promotion is done through radio advertisements, e-mails and social media announcements. Located at 2060 Aylmer Street, the House of Jazz caters mainly to hotel visitors in the area and long-time regulars. With it’s long history in Montreal since 1980, the resto/ lounge is finally ready to franchise out to major international cities such as New York and Paris. Not only is the attractive setting enough to lure you back for a second look, but the talented performances and savory menu all contribute to the magic of the place. For over thirty years the House of Jazz has drawn in incredible performers and a devoted clientele. If you’re looking for a night of full entertainment you’re sure to find it here.