The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 136

INTERVIEW TVM: And where did you get your confidence to perform on stage? Just by doing it (laughs). I had no confidence before. I rarely watch back my own shows, I’ve only watched like the first couple. And I remember thinking ‘wow you look like a deer caught in headlights!’ ‘cuz I came out just doin’ it. Like my eyes were wide open. So much energy rushes through me when it’s time to get on stage. And there’s a certain amount of nervousness in the beginning that definitely shaves off by the time you’re at the end of the first song. But I remember being like ‘Just do it. Go.’ And I think the more and more I’ve done it- I’ve done it now for almost ten years- The first time I got on stage was right after I was signed. And I was signed before I had ever performed in front of people. So over the times of doing it, it just makes it so much easier. You know how to read a crowd, how to influence a crowd with the way you feel. So it just makes you so much more comfortable. Practice definitely - I don’t know if it makes perfectbut it definitely allows you to have confidence. TVM: And how important do you find social networking as a platform for artists to connect with their fans and build a relationship? Very important to me because my fans push me. Not a label, not sponsors. My fans push me, they are the reason I can talk to you right now. And I don’t really like to say fans, I just say ‘friends of the music’ ‘cuz if they just met me on the street they may not like me, who knows? But they like my music for sure. So people that like my music are very important. I try to be as honest as I can on social network. I’m not a big “Facebooker”. I can’t do all of them at one time. So I’m into Instagram right now, I was into MySpace, then Facebook came - I never really got into it, them Twitter came out - I got into Twitter. Then Instagram - you know so like I leave one for the other. But I find it amazing that people are friends of my music. Not that I don’t think I’m good- I think the music is goodbut I’ve never truly been a fan like that. Prince is probably the closest person I have ever had this kind of infatuation for, then after meeting him like 2 or 3 times, it was like ‘OK’ (laughs). I don’t understand the relationship of being a fanatic so I’m really appreciative of it. Because I can’t even fathom being a serious fan of someone. TVM: On a more practical note, do you find what you eat affects your voice? I find that eating before I sing affects my voice. Mainly because it takes my wind. I can’t really feel my diaphragm when I eat. But I don’t think it’s too much of what I eat. I mean it could be. Like they say dairy is no good and all these different things or whatever. But I don’t pay attention enough. ‘Cuz I don’t take my voice that serious. And I probably should but I’m just not that kind of person. TVM: You mentioned previously that you drink cognac and lemon before a show, is there anything else? I drink cognac, lemon and honey. I also drink a lot of apple cider and water. Ithink I might start doin’ that a lot more when I’m on the road so I don’t have to drink as much cognac (laughs). Because that can become a problem at some point. I think I’m gonna start putting that into my regime when I start doing shows so I won’t have to drink so much cognac (chuckles). TVM: How have your vocal practices changed since you first began recording and performing? I had none when I first started. And then somewhere of the first quarter of me starting I wen’t to see a vocal coach one day and I saw some of the things she taught me. But I didn’t really want to go heavy into the things she was teaching me ‘cuz I didn’t want to loose my sound. Sometimes when you concentrate on something too much, you can mess it up. So my practices are more so just making sure that I warm my throat by signing before I have to sing. I don’t really take it super serious. Unless I really have to I don’t go on vocal rest and all that stuff. I kinda just go with the flow. TVM: What is a typical rehearsal like for you? A rehearsal for me is more so for my band. I’m not a super rehearsed person, because I want to give you what’s in the moment. If I feel like doing something a different way that day then that’s what I wanna do. If I feel like bending a note this way, then that’s what I wanna do. I wanna give you what’s in the moment rather then something that’s super contrived. So if I go to Philly and then L.A., or New York or D.C. , I probably got three different shows. TVM: Do you work out physically? Yeah. I took a long break for like a year I would do it sporadically. Ever since I was in tenth grade in high school I’ve been someone that works out, but the last year and a half I kind of slacked off a bit. More than anything I do a lot of cardio, I used to do a lot of squats and the elliptical and stuff like that. I exercise beyond more than just for vanity and wanting to look a certain way. I workout for health and mental reasons. So I walk a lot, and I do yoga and I do small Pilates moves, just for toning and cardio for my wind. A lot of times I bring my music. TVM: Do you feel a connection ݕͥݽɭ́ٽݽɭ$ѥݕͥݽɭ́əɵ$ɔəɵѡѡM$ԁЁɑѡ׊eɔɕ丁]ԁɔͥѥݡɔԁٔɍ͕ȁɅЁȁɑݡԁЁ((((0