The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 135

TVM: Who influences you vocally? Uh... Plenty of people, at different times. Vocally, I love Angela Winbush because she throws her voice with emotion, she uses her crescendo a lot. She is just really a passionate singer- a great writerbut a passionate singer. As well as Sade, who I really think people overlook as a vocalist because her vocal style is so unique. Not that I want to sound like her, but the fact that she has something so unique to her. The moment she opens her mouth, you know it’s Sade. Because it’s not about the theatrics of her voice or the tricks or how many rhymes she can do. It’s just about that tone and pronunciation that moves her voice. And I think another vocalist that I would have to say is Nina Simone because her voice is so warm. Almost for the same reasons that I love Sade, her voice will never bother you. It’s just a great tone. I’m really impressed and influenced by singers with great tones. TVM: What is your overall vocal regime? I don’t really have one. I don’t care for my voice very much (chuckles). I’m not very good at taking care of my voice. I don’t know- there’s nothing I do when I go in the studio. it’s more about vibe to me when in the studio, I can always go back and figure out vocally what I may have done wrong or right or whatever. Because it’s more about the writing and the mood. When I go on stage - I normally drink cognac, honey and lemon before I go on stage. It’s great because it clears any flem that’s in my throat and it gives me a little turn up for the shows so it’s cool. TVM: So when would you say that you are vocally at your best? Umm... I think I’m probably better in the evening. I mean I’ve done morning shows and I sing just fine. I just really do not like morning like that. I’m just more comfortable at night. I mean I can pretty much get myself to a comfortable place with my voice at any point. TVM: Is there any difference vocally for you between recording in the studio and performing live? And which one do you prefer? Yes. There is a difference. I project and I sing far more powerful when I’m on stage. In the studio, I’m really concentrating so much more on the tone. Even when I sing power- I have these objectives: Number one, I want to have fun. Because if we’re havin’ fun and we project that then it’s easy for people to have fun which is my next objective. I want people to enjoy themselves. I don’t care how many people are in the audience, whether it’s ten to three or four thousand. I want them to feel like it was v 䁥ѥєѼѡѡ䁍ѕɕЁѥѡ䁙Ёѡ䁝ЁѼ܁́ͽѱ䰁ѡɗé剽ѡЁѼݥѠɥȁ'e()հ'eɕ䁍͍́ѽɕͽ$ݽձͅ$ɕȁٔͥЁ͔ӊéѡаӊéՔӊéаӊéЁͽѡԁɕЁѡЁЁݡѕٕȁ̰̰QY4]Ё́ȁݡԁəɴ()͡܁ѡЁ́ȁͽ䁕͗éՑ$݅ЁѼݥٕȸ$݅ЁѼٔեɔЃaݡ́ѡ́ͽdQ䁑eЁ܁ݡ݅́͡Ёݡ́͡хٕ́͡ɝѡЁɅ́ѡѼ́ѥи((((