The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 131

EDRA OSES TVM: How would you describe your voice? I think my voice is strong but sweet. TVM: How would you describe your music? My music is sexy soul. It is hip hop driven but very musical at the same time. TVM: At what age would you say you discovered your passion? Probably somewhere around 4th or 5th grade. I went to a Catholic school in New Orleans and I had a music teacher by the name of Mrs. Chatters. We had a choir, and you just realize when you’re singing with other people that not everybody sings on key. A lot of the songs she taught us, I would come home and sing in my bed all night, and my brothers and sisters would scream because I would sing all night. I wasn’t aware that it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life but I was aware of how good it made me feel to hear my voice, even though it probably didn’t sound as good as I thought it did (laughs). TVM: Tell me about your transition from being a celebrity stylist to a vocalist. How did that happen? Being a stylist was never a passion of mine. My best friend Nodja Mckenzie, she started out early on assisting someone and quickly became a key stylist. And shortly after, I was working at an architectural firm in marketing, and I lost my job. The job search wasn’t goin’ so well and she said ‘Hey why don’t you come and work with me’ and that’s kind of how that happened. And as we went on, we worked with a lot of different people, and made a lot of money, but I started feeling like I didn’t really wanna do it anymore. My children’s father was living with me, and there was a situation where we had to break up abruptly and I moved out. So I’m thinking ‘How am I gonna take care of these kids by myself?’ And then it came to mind that I should probably sing, because I like to do it. And that’s kinda how that started. I start singing to take care of the kids. Actually I asked God for a way to take care of my kids and somehow it popped into my head that I could sing and write songs. And it all kind of started. NGS a Moses s born and raised to a gospel singy Moses. She brought some of that style when she began singing proedra herself expressed; “My vocal om the 8o’s I can sing a lot of difor to becoming a recording artist, sistant celebrity wardrobe stylist that happened on a video shoot. llow her passion, which led to the debut album Complex Simplicity. the release of her next album The alist magazine got a chance to get rsonal with Teedra as she shares rney to success, her vocal chaland most importantly her heart. 131