The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 13

VOCALIST SOFTWARE At A Glance: Since its introduction in 1997, Auto-Tune has had a profound effect on how music is produced. Although, it cannot make a bad singer sound like a great singer; it has been used extensively to make vocal performances sound more ‘perfect’ by correcting selected off-pitch notes. The latest version aims to do this with minimal audible artifacts and it comes with a range of features to appeal to both novice and advanced users. A VoiceCouncil Review Says: Even if you would never dream of using autotune on your lead vocals, the plug-in can be used more creatively, such as to create a double track effect on a duplicate of your lead vocal, or simply using it as a special effect on a particular line in a song. It also works well in tightening up backing vocals that are clashing with the main vocals. Nearly all vocals are treated with some effects processing such as reverb, delay, EQ, doubling, chorus and compression – so perhaps auto-tune can be seen as an extension of the effects world. It can certainly ruin the human element of a vocal recording if overdone (unless that’s your desired effect); ho wever, when used carefully, it is a powerful tool that can put the finishing touches to your vocals, especially when there is no option to re-record the take. Manufacturer’s Website: 2 Antares Auto-Tune EVO At A Glance: Revoice Pro is stand-alone computer software for the studio that can automatically time-align and tune vocal doubles that you have recorded so that theyprecicely match your lead vocals. This can make vocal mixes sound much tighter as it is often hard to get the timing of two performances exactly the same. It can also be used on speech when you need to overdub dialogue in a video and want to keep the lip-sync spot on. Revoice Pro works with ANY professional Mac-based Digital Audio Editor including Pro Tools, Cubase, and Logic. A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Revoice Pro generally works extremely well, however in more extreme settings (and particular when used to match speech to a dub track), artefacts can appear and become slightly noticeable. The automatic doubler feature works well, although the best results will tend to be found when using another take and matching it to the lead track. If you like idea of Revoice Pro but are put off by the price, Synchro Arts also produce a piece of software called VocALign that offers some of the same features found in Revoice Pro but costs close to half the price. Manufacturers’ Website: 1 Synchro Arts Revoice Pro At a Glance: This software package is designed to help you to learn how sing in tune and stay in the right pitch. During lessons, the real-time Pitch Tracking Line traces the actual pitch sung and gives the singer visual feedback on the accuracy of each note. The lessons are mainly for beginners, so advanced and professional singers will find this package of little practical use. High Notes: The Singing Coach software assesses your personal vocal range and then displays songs and exercises appropriate to your range that won’t strain your voice. The “compose mode” also allows you to create and follow your own songs and vocal exercises. Off Pitch: Many reviewers found the cartoon animations annoying/childish and some users were disappointed with the limited selection of in-built songs— definitely not to everyone’s taste. The microphone headset (included) is flimsy; breakages seem to be a problem. A significant number of reviewers also reported installation and running problems. More: “As it stands, Singing Coach Unlimited is a brave but ultimately flawed exercise that fails to realise that singing is supposed to be fun. Singing Coach, for the most part, isn’t” 3 Singing Coach Unlimited 13