The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 126

INTERVIEW burp too much while I was singing (laughs). But the worst is having a steak or something heavy, so if possible, I give myself 2-3 hours before a show. i drink the bravisimo tea, it’s really amazing for the vocals. Other than that, I drink a lot of water, I’m a water addict actually (smiling) I’m just so thirsty when I’m on stage. I think that’s good because to be dehydrated and sing is just the worst ever. TVM: How have your vocal practices changed since you first began recording and performing? Umm.. I would say that now that I have my tricks and my technique, I don’t have to practice as much as I used to. Now that I’m actually making a living out of it, I sing a lot more anyway. Before when I was studying it, I was doing other stuff too like going to school and working and learning piano so I sang a little bit and I practiced before my class but that was it. Now I have to do soundcheck and practice with my band, and I write music so when I’m writing a song I’m singing, so I don’t have to practice as much. But before a show, I have to sing a lot more than on a regular day, just so that my voice is warmed up. That’s pretty much it... TVM: What is a typical rehearsal like for you? We usually talk for a bit before, like at least half an hour and then basically we start to rehearse. i prefer when everybody in the band is involve, all are accomplished musicians. My pianist Julie LaMontagne a winner of “the Adisq for Jazz Album of the Year”. - is an extremely talented jazz pianist, So they bring something and I isten to what everyone have to say. It’s really a group effort. And it’s like that on stage, everybody has their moment to shine, it’s not all about me (laughs). TVM: Describe one challenge you constantly face in your practices? I would say what’s really challenging is finding a way to connect to each kind of public. Sometimes you have a group of people in front of you and you just can’t reach them. connect with them. So it’s a challenge, since with every show you have to start all over again and with different groups of people. Hmm.. And vocally I guess, being able to share the emotion every time. Like if you’re doing a show five nights a week, to be able to give the same performance every night, that’s difficult. When you go on tour, after a while you get exhausted,- with the traveling and interviews during the day. So after that, at the late night show, most of the time you’re already tired. (smiling). TVM: Do you do any physical workouts? And Do you feel a connection between physical workouts and vocal workouts? Yes. I don’t like going to the gym, but I do Bikram Yoga, I really enjoy that a lot, I love it. Just to be in the heat, and to stretch I love it so much. Besides that I play badminton with my pianist actually (laughs). What I like about working out with a friend is that you don’t even feel like you’re working out. And I love to go biking in the summer time. And talking connection, especially with breathing: the more that you’re in shape and you develop your cardio, the easier it is to sing. That’s why with Bikram Yoga it takes a lot of breathing to stay in that heat for an hour and a half, so it really helps a lot. TVM: What do you like about your voice? (Pause) Hmm... The range. I like being a mezzo soprano. I feel like I can flirt with different ranges - half way into soprano and halfway into almost alto you know. So it’s fun, I get to play around a lot. l “I zo ez m 126