The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 125

INTERVIEW there are some little things that today people would be like “Oh no you have redo it”, but that takes away fthe magic, and the human factor. TVM: What is your aim for your fans when you perform? Mostly, I want them to feel the emotion. There is this fan of mine who drove an hour and half to come to my show. I wasn’t aware at the time, but he had lost his son two months before. After the show he came to see me and said that he had such a good time and I was touched, but when he told me his story, it had even more meaning for me. So yeah to be able to do something for the people who support my art, to touch them, or make them feel good or release an emotion. TVM: How did you get the confidence to perform on stage in front of fans? A lot of work (laughs). I’m a shy person. During my first shows - it was like a test, for me to learn how to let go and have fun. Even till this day, if I’m just not feeling good or the public don’t enjoy the show it’s hard for me to stay focus. So I had to work on it. And just with the experience, every show that I do, I get better. I recall an incident that happpened during a live show, I forgot what I was suppose to say and I was so embarrassed, and because I was stuttering, I couldn’t get back into it. But these lessons, you learn the hard way, and next thing you know you’re laughing about it a couple years later. TVM: How important do you think social networking has become for artists in terms of the connection they build with their fans? Very important. You have to do it almost everyday and connect with your fans. Post videos, communicate with them. it’s very important to post pictures and make them feel like they are part of your everyday life. It was Facebook, and then LInkedin, and now Twitter. I’d rather talk to a person face to face, but you have to follow the trend, use whatever communication tools are avalaible to reaching you core fans. TVM: What do you eat before a performance? The worst thing ever is to sing after having a big meal. Sometimes I don’t have a choice, you know like if I have to do sound check few minutes before the show, then you know I have to eat before, so I don’t faint on stage. Like the other day, the sound check was late, and I had a chicken salad, just something small but to keep me going during the show, that was ok. I didn’t I 125