The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 123

A Vocalist with a Sunny Voice Her beginnings as a classical pianist and vocalist in a Gospel choir has proved to be a solid foundation in Marie-Christine’s music career. Teaming up with Corey Hart, she released her Debut album “Walk in Beauty” in 2012. We had a chance to sit and talk with Marie-Christine over coffee about her collaboration with the legendary Stevie Wonder, and how she maintains balance in her career between the business, the artist and the vocalist. TVM: How would you describe your music? Soulful. My album is separated into two parts: Soul Red and Soul Blue. Soul Red is mostly pop oriented soul and Soul Blue is more retro and urban kind-of old school soul. So generally speaking, I would say soulful but obviously different kinds of soul...Different colors of soul. TVM: At what age would you say you discovered your passion? That’s kind of tough to answer, because music was always part of the household. I personally started really enjoying music when I started playing piano, I was 5 years old at that time. And I continued until I would say around twenty- after that I really focused on singing. I realized that taking piano lessons, going to school and working was just too much so I just focused on the singing. TVM: What moves you to write songs? And is there a particular song that you feel most proud of from your Walk in Beauty album? What moves me is my every day life, you know like sometimes I’ll just be like here in a coffee shop and looking at people and checking out their interactions or checking out my friends and thinking about what they’re going through in their live or relationships. Obviously my personal life also. And sometimes I just need something to release an emotion. Like if i’m really upset about a situation, instead of crying or being down all day - there’s a song on this album “Grey on a Sunny Day”. That morning I woke up and I was not in a good mood (for no particular reason) I just did not feel well... You know there’s mornings like that so instead of crying a - I sat at the piano and that melody came and I wrote that song. So it’s like therapy, you know? TVM: Tell me about your experience in Haiti? 123