The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 109

we play it live we get this crazy reaction. There is such a difference between when it’s canned and when it’s live that you never know what’s gonna happen until you get onto the stage. There are certainly songs such as “The Deep End”, it’s one of those irreverent songs that are kind of anthemic and everybody gets into it. Everybody kind of feels that same message. I’m really into opposites like the idea of the Ying Yang. A lot of the tattoos I have on my body are bitonal, I actually have a Ying Yang, I have a flower and a pin. So I mean that song was this nice kind of happy melody with more melancholic lyric. I think that people are attracted to that when we’re playing it live. We always get this neat reaction from the crowd. But again, that changes. The next night, there’s another song that got me going’ and the crowd going’. TVM: At what age would you say you discovered your passion? Right off the top. I was four years old when I had my first memories of anything and those are also my first memories of wanting to take this on as a career. I mean you don’t really know what a career is when you’re four years old. I kind of relate it to ‘I want to be that guy’ like Peter Frampton Live. It never stopped. ts anywhere by their 100%...” TVM: Who influences you vocally? There is such a pool of different people who throughout the years have had an effect on me. It’s hard to pinpoint one, or even one area of music. Everything from Andrea Bocelli to Scott Wailen of Snow Temple Pilots, Chris Cornell Sound Guard, to Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin and Jim Morrison. I would say those are the most predominant. TVM: What is your overall vocal regime? (Laughs) I definitely have to keep well hydrated during the day and drink lots of water. Because the vocal chord is such a little fussy tool. So drinking lots of water during the day, trying not to talk so much. Because you don’t talk with the same muscles that you use when you sing, and the talking can kind of tire your voice. So I mean, just doing a good vocal warm up throughout the day when you can and getting warmed up before going on stage. And tryin’ to be a good boy on the road you know, staying away from the smoking and drinking and discotheques. TVM: And do you smoke? No, not really. I mean I have a very in and out relationship with it. Sometimes if I’ve had a couple of drinks, I’ll allow myself a little you know. 109