The Vocalist Magazine SPRING 2013 ISSUE - Page 108

THE VOCALIST MAGAZINE TVM: How would you describe your voice? Hmm...It’s a little bit choir boy gone Jack Daniels (laughs). A huge part of my technical training at the beginning of my career is thanks to the choir when I was in as a kid. It didn’t just teach me all the great things like working in groups, working with a director, and working on the road (because you travel quite a bit in the choir too), but it gave me a huge technical background to be able to build my tool box and be able to refer to those things, even at this point in my career with this style of music. It’s been really important to me, as I’ve progressed throughout high school I really dove more into the alternative hard rock musical genres. So I think ‘bad boy, choir boy’ would be the best way to describe my voice (chuckle). TVM: How would you describe your music? That’s another hard thing to answer. I mean, we are based on rock n’ roll, we are a rock n’ roll band but I think there are a lot of dynamics in this band, we’ve never really tried to pin ourselves down to one kind of rock n roll. It’s not just amplifiers on eleven. We also have different parts of that genre that we like to experiment with. We have other influences from different parts of the world that we bring into it too. So rock is kind of the base but where we go from there is ever evolving. TVM: How do you describe your style (fashion)? On stage, I just like to wear what I’m comfortable in. Im a T-Shirt and j X[^K]8&\[^\Y[^H[ˈ[x&[H][\\KH۸&]X[HYY\XH]8&\[ۋ]H^\ۈY[[XZH\Hو]Yx&\H\\\H^H&H]\X[]]\XH[ˈHZHH\HY[\\\[H\][\\و^\[x&[H[ܙHYܝXHܘ\[H[[H\[^Hܚ\]HX^\[^H[HHX] X\K]]8&\X]\X\ܚ^Y\H] ٙYKHݙH\\H[H[YHH]HH[HX\HZ]܈]\H[HZ][YKHݙH]Y˂'؛H]][N][ݙ\[Hܚ]Hۙ[\\HH\X[\ۙ][HY[[YوH[\YXH[[H[OŠ]\\HHYX[]8&\[وZH][H]ܚ]HXK[HۛY[x&]HY[H[&]]HH]ܚ]HY [HݙH[H[H[YKH\H]\H\HYH8&[[&H]x&]H۝X]ݙ\HYX\Y[H\H ]YK[[[[H\ۙK\H\HY[][HYHۙ]HH]H]\۸&]ܚ]^HܚY[ۈ[[[K\H\HY[][H\ۙ]\HZHܙY\\ۈH[[H[H]\Y^H[HH[K][L