The View 38002 May 2017 - Page 11

theview May 2017 .com Page 11 bolton high arlington high LUKE PATTERSON, BETHEL U Arlington High School is proud to announce that senior Luke Patterson has signed a scholarship to continue his baseball career next year at Bethel University. The coaching staff at Arlington says that “Luke has worked very hard both on the field as well as in school to help make this dream come true. Thanks to Bethel University for giving him this opportunity, and to Luke for your 4 years of service to Arlington High school and the baseball program.” Front row, L-R: Hannah Patterson-sister, Rodney Patterson-father and assistant coach, Amye Patterson-mother; Second row, L-R: Shane Jackson-AHS Asst. Coach, Chris Ring-AHS head coach, J.J. Devine-AHS Asst. Coach. Submitted photo. briarcrest christian Submitted photo Briarcrest Senior Megan Cheng of Lakeland will be attending Oklahoma City University next fall to study in Music in the Wanda Bass School of Music with musical theatre studies and pre- med emphasis. Of the 600-700 auditionees, only 3-5% are accepted into the Wanda Bass School of Music at the university. Oklahoma City University is a co- educational, urban private university located in Oklahoma City, in the Uptown district. Megan wa 066VV7FV@'f7VGV&W'22R`'&&7&W7Bv66vw2vf"#p&6VB66'66&7FW"VFW'66W'f6RF66@6VGFR&Fv667FvTƖv@FVG&R&GV7Fb&R&Ч&V6VfVBB֖F2f"FP'WVv66W66FVG&Pv&G26VFrWG7FFrfW&&GV7FFVVBgFW"FRF(J"v&G0BrG2VvFV"FRv66W66FVG&Rv&G0&V6v旦R6WfVVG2&V2`v66W66FVG&RF2WfV@2'BbFRגv&G2FRFv66W66FVG&Rv&G2&w&v66VFW03&w&2g&7&72FR6VG'FR'WVvV6W2v66vF֖R&FW2vVWG2FRVƖv&ƗG&WV&VVG22'F6BFR&w&V67V&֗GFVBW66vW2F&VvFVF6F&6W72vW&R6VGVFvW2GFVBFRv66&GV7F2FR4DVFvW2&P'G2&fW762vFFRV06VG7V6ƗrW&f&6RF&V7Fr6VBBƖvFrFW6v67GVRFW6vBW62&6W7G&FBF&V7FFRV"bv66W66066VFW26VV'&FbFR76FVF6FBVW&wb7GVFVG0BFV6W'2ffVB&GV6pW66FVG&R'F6G2vFW"BFP7F&2'WVFVG&Rf"vB`W&f&6RBv&G2&W6VFF2֖VRf"WG7FFrfW&&GV7F7GVFVG2g&&Fv&PW&f&֖rW66V&W"g&FP6rGW&rFRv&G26W&VFFF7Frv&G2֖VW266֗FWG7FFrVB7G&W7207G&7BBVƖR&֗FvRWG7FFp7W'Fr7G&W72vvW"v6&PW&f&֖r7FvR6FVv&W2B֖VW3WG7FFr&GV7FFW&0WG7FFr6V6V&R( @FffV^( 2v&g&VG0WG7FFrF6RWV7WFWG7FFrƖvFpWG7FFrW62F&V7F( @F2&W&w7Fp7GVFVBFV666WfVV@v&B( @֖&@&RVF7GVFVB7&VFfR6WfVV@v&B( @ƖǒFG6֖6VvffW7GVFVB7FvRvVVBv&B( @w&6RWb6V'vƖ6WG7FFr7W'Fr7G&W72( @VƖR&֗FvR2vvW WG7FFrVB7G&W72( @66֗F227G&7@WG7FFrF&V7F'FV6W"( @&VFVWG7FFrfW&&GV7F