The Victoria Napolitano Group Mademoiselle French Collection featuring Lauren W - Page 81

CAROLI REMMLINGER-OSENKA MFC: What is your current profession? CRO: As a woman of the 21st century, I run multiple businesses, including sports car racing (i.e. the Porsche Super Cup). I also represent a travel platform, but in my heart there’s only one business that mat- ters: I am an expert in human potential and growth. I lead people, mostly women, to find success in every area of their lives. I work with both individuals and com- panies, online and offline. I have created coaching and mentoring programs that are available as videos, audios and docu- ments, and I have weekly calls with my cli- ents. I also provide seminars and retreats. The last ones were in Frankfurt, Germa- ny and Marrakesh, Morocco. If you ask yourself, why mostly women? It´s because women still need more empowerment than men. They still believe they “cannot make it” - they cannot be successful, can- not have both a career AND a family and they cannot make their own millions. I teach them and show them how to achieve everything they want. MFC: I want to personally congratulate you on your recent certification for hyp- nosis. Can you explain what your certifi- cation is about? CRO: Hypnosis is one of the tools I use in my coaching and mentoring programs. It helps immensely to get fantastic results in shorter times. And to clarify, it has nothing to do with lying down, being in a trance and having no idea what is hap- pening to you during the session. Many people misunderstand the concept of hyp- nosis thanks to the dramatization by the movies. This is not a so-called “show” hyp- nosis, that will make you bark afterwards. MFC: You obviously have an amazing ability to help people move beyond obsta- cles staying in their way of success. What is your secret? CRO: My secret is simple: I take every- thing I’ve learned about life through my own very painful experiences and paired it with my knowledge of the biology of the brain, quantum physics, money, manifes- tation processes, and business, plus tools like meditation, affirmation, access con- sciousness and, as previously mentioned, hypnosis. I put everything together, then remove everything that is unnecessary. It takes time. From there, I created tools that, if used properly and daily, will make you successful on every plane of your life. Every day, my clients prove that these tools work perfectly. 8. I heard that you have book coming out soon? And I have to say, the title is just mind-blowing. Can you reveal more de- tails? Yes. My book, “The Rich Bitch. 7 steps to financial independence NOW” comes out in August. It is not a self-help book. It will revolutionise the way we MAKE money and gain financial independence. People often wrongly think that money must be earned, but money must be MADE, and you must understand it before you can handle it. I could talk for hours about the book and its subject-matter, but I don’t think we have time or space for it. In parting, I will simply say that the book will be available for order on my webpage. The webpage also describes my coaching and mentor- ing programs. It´s MFC.