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EMPOWERING YOU TO BE YOUR OWN FASHIONISTA The Alexia Kay brand of high quality, yet functionally unique ladies leather handbags. Monte Carlo, Monaco Alexia Kay, Cofounder and CEO of the Alexia Kay® brand. Inspired by design from a young child growing up in the USA after her family immi- grated to the USA after living through the Khmer Rouge and war in Cambodia. She saw the world as a sketch pad for design and wanted to turn her sketch pad of design into tangible re- ality. Alexia, originally went to the Art Institute of Atlanta and received a degree in Interior Design and focused on design- ing elegant and epic interiors of mansions and a few com- mercial projects including the Presidential Suite at the Four Seasons hotel in Las Vegas, Ne- vada. Later, she was challenged to design jewelry and footwear which eventually led to her in- terest in designing handbags. As a former fashion model, she recognizes the influence of fashion for women and the need for women to be their own fashionistas. Alexia went to school in Bangkok to study handbag design while working on designing her unique col- lection and to perfect her de- signs. Today, we introduce her elegant and unique handbags to the world.