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EDITORS NOTES ACTIVATE YOUR LOVE AND SEX MAGNETISM According to medical experts, depression is caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals, along with other fac- tors. Energetically speaking, the root cause of depres- sion stems from foreign energy being stuck in your body. When foreign energy dims and over-shadows your ener- gy, you become de-pressed! Do you remember being attracted to someone special in your life? You are attracted to someone because you admire something unique about them. You might think they are handsome, funny or even poised. You like how you feel around them. With every passing day, you start to adopt their energy as your own. When this happens, and you don’t release it back to them, your own energy becomes de-pressed and your relationship takes a nose- dive. Like with computers, you cannot use MAC software in a PC or vice-verse. They each require their own unique software to operate and process their functions. The same is true for people. The very vibe that attracted you to another person, is the very thing that makes you sexu- ally non-responsive, argumentative and emotional. It can affect your attitude, your health and your libido. Viagra Doesn’t Work On Low Self Esteem Why are some people naturally magnetic? Are you ready to make potent first impressions? Release stuck energy from your entire body and crank up your magnetic love energy. Stress, Fear and Anxiety Block Satisfying Sex When you experience stress, fear or anxiety, sex is usu- ally the last thing on your mind. Work dilemmas, rela- tionship woes, family issues and money problems can be devastating to your libido. It’s hard to feel sexy when you are worried about the mortgage payment. Fear and anxiety associated with sex itself can also be problematic. Worrying about everything from STDs to fear of preg- nancy to sexual performance, dampen your sex drive and hampering your chances to have a satisfying sexual ex- perience. Fear, anxiety and depression about aging can also affect your sex drive. Are you worried about getting older? Stuck Energy Causes Depression Viagra only increases blood flow to the genital area to enhance physical sexual stimulation in women or men. It cannot affect your body image, relationship or emotional issues that impede sexual function. Most people dislike some aspect of his or her body. Do you think you have jiggly thighs, a curved penis, small breasts, fat belly or a hairy back? While you might not be 100% satisfied with the way you look, you have learned to live with the perceived flaw. This perception may ac- tually create an energetic block that affects the sexual im- age of yourself and your ability to express yourself. The reality is however, that to have good feelings about sex, you have to have good feelings about your body. Release Negative Self Talk with Grounding Whenever you find yourself having a negative thought about your body, release it down your grounding cord or put it inside a symbol and explode it. For example, if you’re obsessing on your extra roll of belly fat, stop your- self. Throw that thought down your grounding cord or explode inside a firecracker. Then fill yourself up with a shimmering gold sun of self-appreciation and sex appeal.