The Valley Catholic April 24, 2018

The Valley Catholic The Good News of the Diocese of San Jose | Buenas Noticias en la Diocesis de San José | Tiếng vọng Tin Mừng của Giáo phận San Jose Vol. 35 - No. 15 | April 24, 2018 Visit us online: Diocese of San Jose @DioceseSanJose See pages 12-13 Local Leaders Respond to President Trump’s Statement Priest Interview: Father Andrew C. Nguyen The Drexel School System Expands On April 7, 2018 President Trump said that he will send troops to the... P. 3 This is the seventh in a series of inter- views conducted by Justin Chung. P. 7 The Drexel School System, a network consisting currently of nine K-8... P. 19