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CATHOLIC SCHOOLS | January 16, 2018 17 Committed Fourth Grade Students Make Their Vincentian Marian Youth (VMY) Promise Mrs. Begley, fourth Grade Teacher at Saint Eliza- beth Seton School, is leading a group of committed fourth Graders to fi nd a deeper and joyful way to live their Christian faith and the Vincentian mission. We constantly look for ways to help our students grow in their relationship with God and the Blessed Mother, as well as incorporate Saint Vincent’s charism of serving the poor and needy, with humility and selfl essness. A commissioning ceremony with 14 of our students took place during morning assembly. When joining this national VMY group, a promise is made to serve those most in need. Two sets of words summarize the purpose of VMY: “To Jesus with Mary” and “To Live, to Contemplate, and to Serve.” Through this journey of Christian living, each young person is given the op- portunity to envision his/her life as part of God’s proj- ect, as a call to mission and as a testimony of Christ’s presence in our hearts and in our midst. The Vincentian Marian Youth (VMY) Group came about following the apparitions of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal to Saint Catherine Labouré, in July of 1830. Its purpose: “To form members to live a solid Mrs. Begley, fourth Grade Teacher at Saint Elizabeth Seton School, is leading a group of fourth Graders to fi nd a deeper and joyful way to live their Christian faith and the Vincentian mission. faith following Jesus Christ the evangelizer of the poor. To live and pray like Mary, with simplicity and humility, taking on the spirituality of the Magnifi cat. To arouse, animate and sustain the missionary spirit of the association, especially through missionary experiences to those who are poorest and to youth.” Our 14 students made a beautiful promise before faculty, staff and the school: “We thank you Jesus for loving me and send- ing your mother Mary to journey with us on earth. With the help of the Holy Spirit and the guidance of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and before our school, we promise to continue to live as part of the VMY, in the spirit of Mary’s ‘yes’. We want to live in the world with our whole heart, caring for those who suff er. We want to recognize God in all of creation – especially in people who are poor. We want to serve others with a loving and humble heart. As a sign of our promise we welcome the VMY pin as a link of hope between Mary and us. May Mary support us in our call to walk each day toward Christ and our sisters and brothers who are poor.” A VMY pin was presented that is now worn daily as a symbol of their promise. Our VMY group meets twice a month and service projects have already begun. Early next year they will lead a school-wide service project and plan to show others how best to serve those most in need in our community. 3D Design at Saint Lawrence Elementary and Middle School Fifth grade students at Saint Law- rence Elementary and Middle School have been busy learning and creat- ing in their 3D Design course. The students are coached by a parent vol- unteer, John Schmitt, and are almost fi nished on their 10-week journey of design. Over the course the students have been “introduced to the most modern tools in 3D design, and have been learning fundamentals of de- sign while pursuing their individual projects. Each fi fth grader has a favorite toy, character, food they can choose to design, and through that individual project they are highly engaged to learn and build,” said Mr. Schmitt. From imagining and planning to de- signing and creating, the fi fth graders have truly enjoyed participating in the 3D Design class, and are excited for their fi nished projects. According to Mr. Schmitt, “at the end of the class, each student is given a 3D print of their project as an arti- fact to remind them of their progress. 3D design is a skill that’s essential in careers in engineering, movie-making, games, architecture, and more.” The students will showcase their fi nished projects to their Saint Law- rence Community, and will hopefully be taking the skills and memories of this class with them as their educa- tional journey continues! Fifth grade students and parent volunteer, John Schmitt at Saint Lawrence Elementary and Middle School’s 3D Design course. Saint Christopher School Table for 32 Students in Mrs. Aldridge’s and Mrs. Federwisch’s seventh grade pre- algebra classes at Saint Christopher School explored the concepts of maxi- mum, minimum, area, and perimeter by designing two holiday dinner tables for their classes. One design needed to seat all the students at a rectangu- lar table and be able to hold the most amount of food. The other rectangular table still had to seat all the students, but it had to be designed to have the least space on top. This small group, interactive task resulted in rich mathematical discus- sions as students critiqued each other’s reasoning, debated the meaning of “rectangle,” drew diagrams, and eventually persevered toward a solu- tion. The whole class modeled their solutions by plotting out the “tables” on the playground. This push towards problem-solving versus “recipe-follow- ing” math is one of the hallmarks of the school’s STREAM program. St. Christopher School Kindergarten through 8th Grade Join Us for STREAM Open House January 31 8:30am - 10:30am Schedule a Private Tour today! • (408) 723-7223 Seventh graders at Saint Christopher School explored concepts in their pre-algebra class. 2278 Booksin Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125