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Each year on February 14th, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by many people. Gifts of flowers, cards, and chocolates are received from friends and lovers. But have you ever wondered when this annual festivity began? The truth is that no one really knows the exact origins of this day; however, there are many predictions. Among the many theories out there, the commemoration of Valentine’s death seems to be one of the most plausible theories.

Although many legends circulate around Valentine’s true story, Valentine is still recognized as a symbol of love today. In one legend, Valentine was being held captive in a Roman prison, and fell in love with a girl, who was most likely the jailor’s daughter. He wrote a letter to this girl, upon her visit, with the words “from your Valentine”. After his death, this phrase was most likely passed down, as it is still used today when we write cards to our friends and lovers.

The History of Valentine’s Day

Brenda Zou

So, the next time you write to or give gifts to the people around you, maybe you can remind yourself of the romantic and courageous acts of Valentine.

The second theory is that Valentine, a priest, defied Claudius II, the emperor, by secretly organizing weddings for young couples in love. At the time, these marriages were banned for soldiers because the emperor believed that single men were better soldiers. In the end, Valentine was killed after the emperor discovered his secret.