The Valentine's Day Javelin - Page 23

The guys prefer...

“Intelligent, makes me happy.”

“Someone who is confident, trustworthy, loyal, positive, and willing to live life to the fullest.”

“Has money.”



“Someone who is stoic enough to support our economic condition, and make the optimal decisions.”

“Same interests, isn’t violent. I don’t wanna be beat up. Doesn’t cheat me out of my money (I might have watched too many dramas...) Nice, casual."

“I have no idea."

“Has a pulse."

“Has a nice personality, shares my interests, someone who is affectionate.”

“Athletic, but not too athletic."

“Most important thing is understanding, so we can communicate well.”

“Someone very mundane.”

“Kind, sense of humour, all-around nice person. Maybe witty?”

The teachers prefer...

“Good personality."

“Has to make me laugh."

“Que cette personne m’accepte et valorise les mêmes choses que moi." (trans. “That the other person accepts me and values the same things as me."

“Someone who has a sense of humour, is knowledgeable, and... well, I’m a sucker for a good smile."

“Well, I don't really look for anything... How about an instant connection. Humour and integrity too."