The Valentine's Day Javelin - Page 17

7. Take the other red heart and line the two hearts up with the white heart showing at the front. Thread your needle with the embroidery thread and blanket stitch the ends of the two hearts together.

How to do Blanket Stitching

a. To hand-sew a blanket stitch, work from left to right. Begin by pulling the needle through the fabric from the top heart (the embroidered one) at the bottom (the V) of the heart. Keep it near the edge, but have enough space so that it is strong enough to withstand being stuffed.

b. Line up the needle with the first hole, a short distance away, and then push the needle down into the fabric. Pull most of the thread through the hole, but leave a loop on the top.

c. Bring the needle from the underside over the edge and through the loop. The needle does not go through the fabric during this step. Gently pull the thread tight.

d. From the top, line the needle up with the second hole, a short distance away. Push the needle down into the fabric. Leave another loop. Repeat the overcast step.

e. For each new stitch, continue to line the holes up on top, leave a loop, and overcast around the edge.

8. Leave an opening near the V of the heart for stuffing. Have it about the size of a finger. Tear the stuffing into small clumps, and stuff, so that the heart doesn’t come out lumpy.

9. Blanket stitch the opening after you have stuffed your heart to your content. Start from the part that is farther from the end of the heart. Also, remember to start from the section that has already been blanket stitched for at least one centimetre. When you have finished, tie the knot at the very tip of the V of the heart. Pull the thread a little tightly so it isn’t as visible and cut the excess thread.

10. Make a small bow with the bigger and more decorative ribbon. Use the hot glue gun to dab some glue on the center of the heart, underneath the XOXO and place the bow on the glue, and you're done!