The Valentine's Day Javelin - Page 16

1. Assemble all materials. Fold red fabric twice, then draw your heart on the front with your chalk.

Valentine's Heart Plushie DIY

Instructions Katharine Jin

Photos Candice Chen


Red fabric (enough to draw the heart you want on twice)

White fabric (a little less than the red fabric is enough)

Sewing needle (a big embroidery one)

Pair of scissors


Narrow ribbon (I used a red one with dots and a white one)

Glue gun ( with glue stick )

Embroidery thread (I chose red, but pink works too)

Stuffing (cotton, no rice or beads)

2. Cut the red hearts out (you should have 2 pieces).

4. Embroider either “I LUV U” or “XOXO" onto the white heart. I chose to do XOXO because it is simpler. Take your red embroidery thread and thread it through your embroidery needle. You can use chalk to write the XOXO on your white heart if you prefer, though I did not. Simply embroider an X by crossing two diagonal lines. The O is a bit trickier; you need to start at the top then re-enter from the top without pulling the thread all the way out of the fabric. Make a circle with the thread and lock it in by couching it (insert the needle just inside the O you plan to make, then insert it down just on the outside of the circle. Make it small).

6. Start from the middle and sew the edges of the white heart onto the red heart. Go all around the heart until you reach the middle again.

3. Trace your red heart onto the white fabric (not folded), then draw a smaller heart inside your drawing. Cut it out with scissors (only one piece).

5. Finish the rest of the XOXO and tie your knot at the back of the heart. Now, line up the center of the white heart with the center of one of the red hearts. Thread your needle with the white narrow ribbon.