The Utility Source May 2016 - Page 32

According to Putnam, Terex has specially designed its spiral bullet tooth auger to allow each tooth to cut a small track which increases productivity. With its spiral-shape design and unique tooth pattern that distributes the cutting action evenly, this auger equalizes the work done by each tooth on the cutting tool, increasing production rates and reducing tooth wear. “The efficiency and effectiveness of a contractor’s drill rig is ultimately determined by the type of auger tooling used,” says Dale Putnam, Terex Utilities product manager. “The auger tooling a contractor uses should be performance-matched not only to the drill rig but also to the ground conditions the rig is operating in. Too often, contractors spend a lot of time and effort trying to push an inefficient auger tool into tough ground conditions, resulting in slow production rates and excessive wear and tear on the tool.” With a standard auger tool, says Putnam, one hole could take crews up to eight hours to drill. With the Terex Texoma auger, the same hole may only take them 30 minutes to complete. “And,” says Putnam, “the Terex Texoma auger tool fits right on the existing drill rigs so contractors save 30 TUS • May ‘16