The Utility Source May 2016 - Page 14

TUS PRODUCT FOCUS New LineWise “Hydraulic” Phase Lifter Safely Increases Productivity of Raising Energized Lines LineWise introduces its latest breakthrough in utility line equipment, the Hydraulic Phase Lifter, a patent-pending insulated crane attachment that can safely support up to three energized lines at once. The versatile Phase Lifter allows workers to come in from underneath and hold the conductor, as opposed to over the top with rigging sticks hanging from a crane. This provides a significant advantage in areas where there isn’t enough overhead clearance to get outside and above the conductor. The Phase Lifter also has an impressive 1,500-pound total vertical load and 225-pound side load capacity per conductor. Maximum conductor spacing is 14.5 feet in increments of 6 inches, for a maximum width of 29 feet, which is particularly appealing to large, high-voltage operations. Because safety is always a concern when dealing with energized lines, the quick-attach insulator is available in industry-standard “Line Post Polymer” or “Sealed Fiberglass”. The arms are sealed fiberglass and include a desiccant canister to absorb moisture and add another layer of protection. Furthermore, the quick-attach insulator requires no tools to install or remove, maximizing simplicity. To attach the Hydraulic Phase Lifter to a crane, an adapter specific to the type of crane is fitted. A hydraulic cylinder changes the angle of the Phase Li