The Utility Source July 2016 - Page 26

TUS NEW PRODUCT NEWS Gearkeeper General Purpose Retractors Even small tools dropped from above are serious safety hazards. When working at heights, some of the most commonly used tools (i.e. pen knives, small screw drivers, scissors…) are often improperly secured and need to be tethered. The new line of Gear Keeper General Purpose Retractors is a simple and convenient tethering solution that will safely secure a small tool while still having the benefit of extending and retracting the item as needed. Just pull it out, use it and let it go. It will automatically and safely retract back to its secure mounting.  Knowledge Is Your Competitive Edge Offering a range of three retraction forces and four mounting options that solve virtually all small tool tethering needs, the new Gear Keeper family of general purpose retracting systems are the perfect solution for safely securing lightweight objects. These General Purpose Retractors are industrial strength devices with an extremely durable Spectra/Nylon lanyard line and are available with a choice of retraction forces and mounting options. • Atlas Copco’s New LF Forward Plate Compactors Keeping your competitive edge is simple with print and digital learning resources from ATP. We publish a broad range of applied technical content in the electrical and maintenance skilled trades. ATP learning resources feature: • • • • Effective Instructional Layout Field-Related Applications E-Textbook Options Digital Learning Tools Choose the quality that many professionals in the field, and in the classroom, have known for years...ATP! Follow Us @ATP_Connect Your Partner in Learning AMERICAN TECHNICAL PUBLISHERS • 800-323-3471 • Atlas Copco’s LF forward plate compactors excel in soil compacting and asphalt patching applications due to productivity-enhancing features. Integrated water distribution systems and vibration-reduction handles help operators achieve maximum efficiency, while the lightweight bodies contribute to high maneuverability. The three models — LF60, LF75 and LF100 — feature vibration-reduction handles and are lightweight, which optimizes ease of operation on soil and asphalt applications. The units’ rounded plate design, along with a tubeless watering system, help prevent asphalt from sticking to the bottom of the plate. With a full water tank, the models range in weight from 140 pounds on the LF60 to about 260 pounds on the LF100. The relatively light weight allows contractors to lift them easily into a trailer or truck, making the machines valuable tools for almost any road patching project. “The success of our range of plates is in large part due to how easy they are to maintain and their ease of use,” said Darrell Engle, Atlas Copco product manager. • 24 TUS • July ‘16