The Utility Source January 2018 - Page 26

Electrician Invents Groundbreaking New Tool to Pull, Bend and Move Wires with Less Risk of Electrical Shock Patented Voltclaw-12 fundamentally changes how electricians work Nonconductive Tool Company, founded by electrician Warren Tarbell, has developed a revolutionary new tool that is leading to safer, faster and more productive work methods for electricians, maintenance professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers.  The company’s latest breakthrough fills a serious gap in the hand-tool industry. It is a simple-to-use, low-cost tool that is nonconductive to allow the safer man- agement of 12-14 gauge electrical wiring within junction boxes, switch boxes, out- lets, panels or anywhere electrical wires are installed. Immediately available with an MSRP of only $14.95 (USD), the new Voltclaw-12  is one of the most important new tools to reach the electrical market in a decade. ELECTRICAL HAZARDS Until Voltclaw-12, electrical wires were typically manipulated by hand or with tools designed for other purposes, such as a screwdriver or wire stripper. These methods put the electrician in serious danger of electrical shock, especially when metal tools are used to move wires. Metal tools can also damage the insulation that protects the copper wire. Exposed bare copper wire greatly increases the chances of electrical malfunction or serious injury. Even when circuits are turned off the danger of electrical shock remains. In a commercial building, which may have hundreds of circuits, the possibility of a wrong circuit being left on is a very real danger. Also, circuits may be accidentally turned back on during a wiring project. Using a VoltClaw provides another level of protection.  VOLTCLAW-12 IS THE ANSWER Molded from rugged, impact-resistant nylon, the Voltclaw-12 has no metal parts and is nonconductive up to 24 TUS • January ‘18