The Utility Source January 2018 - Page 25

and Development Agency (USTDA). Equipment Selection Reverse Trade Mission by hosting tives toured the assembly processes maintenance. The delegates included derstanding the equipment’s appli- Terex Utilities participated in USTDA’s China Live Power Line Maintenance the delegation and sharing U.S. best practices and technologies in live line 14 China Utility Power group repre- sentatives and 3 officials from the NEA in China. During their visit, participants dis- cussed grid maintenance practices and learned about equipment appropri- ate for these applications. “We were honored to be part of this visit as they learned about technologies and equip- ment used for live line maintenance in the United States,” said Michael Tilden, International Sales Manager for Terex Utilities. “Terex has been rooted in the growth and maintenance of this na- tion’s utility infrastructure since 1945 when we introduced the first digger derrick to the industry. Since then, we continue to listen, respond and deliver innovative, high quality solutions to our customers world-wide.” Lineman Training Center (SLTC) in Trenton, Ga. Guangzhou Foreign Commercial Ser- vice, recently visited the United States to participate in a two-week training program sponsored by the U.S. Trade will help the delegates in selecting equipment and features designed to improve efficiencies in electrical system construction and repairs,” said Tilden. Tilden added, “Terex is proud to sup- port the China Utility Power groups and to be a key partner in their efforts on improving live line work practices.” “Rappahannock Electric Cooperative was pleased to have the opportunity to share some of our safe working procedures and best work practices at one of our jobsites as we performed live line work,” said Ricky Hairfield, Di- rector of Operations and Construction and Distribution Design. “The training went very well and everyone was the U.S.” tive, continuing onto the Southeast Electricity Safety Department, and cation. “The product demonstrations The delegates took part in training the by Rappahannock Electric Coopera- National Energy Administration (NEA) areas and spent time “hands on” un- Learning Best Practices distribution pole change out hosted Power Grid (CSD), Mongolia Power, and fiberglass boom manufacturing interested in learning the techniques first week, observing best practices of Delegates from the China Southern While visiting Terex, the representa- “At SLTC the delegation received training on hot line tools usage, safety processes, and procedures for differ- ent live line work applications,” said Tilden. Representatives were able to operate a mix of Terex equipment, including insulated aerial devices and digger derricks, which were used in live line work applications. we shared. We were happy to be part of their training during their visit to “USTDA has found visits like these to be incredibly successful in connecting partner countries with U.S. suppliers like Terex, which can support China’s live line development and safety goals, while creating opportunities for U.S. businesses,” said Carl B. Kress, USTDA Regional Director for East Asia. For more information about Terex products and services, as well as the company’s training and schools, visit •