The Utility Source January 2018 - Page 22

from integrated manufacturer like Steel King, it is all engineered to work together, with one company taking full responsibil- ity if support is ever needed.” “Instead of a typical bolt-on design, the snap on protec- tor snaps into the rack’s tear-drop holes, which makes it very easy to install and adjust,” says Chadwell.  Since a rack upright’s first 6” to 12” of column from the floor is also prone to fork truck impact, particularly at end rows and intersections where maneuvering is tight, Kardex Storage also recommended and installed Guard Dawg guard rail rack protection.  The guard rail, constructed of high-strength steel angle, protects upright columns and comes in right, left or double ended guards so it is fully compatible with most end row racks. According to Chadwell, there were distinct advantages to this turnkey approach toward integrated racking versus a less comprehensive piecemeal approach. “Too often when a company purchases rack and then tries to mix and match guardrail or other accessories from third party sources, there can be compatibility or accountability issues,” says Chadwell. “When buying 20 TUS • January ‘18 As for the end result, Chadwell says, “The closed tubular selective rack, with its accompanying guardrail and column protection, is designed to last decades longer than typical open back rack, with less maintenance and more uptime.” For its part, the co-op is already experiencing the benefits of the extra engineering that went into its new warehouse, along with its selective rack. With more than 13,000 miles of distribution and transmission lines, the co-op has received a superior Average Service Availability Index of 99.95 percent, a measure of reliability commonly used by electric utilities. By making these types of key, targeted im- provements to increase uptime, productivity and safety, Clay Electric Cooperative expects to further build on its stellar reputation and overall index rating. For more info on optimizing warehouse storage and production, contact Steel King Industries, 2700 Cham- ber St., Stevens Point, WI 54481; call 800-826-0203; email: •