The Utility Source January 2018 - Page 18

Shining a Light on Rack Selection Member-owned public utility cooperative consolidates operations into warehouse with forklift resistant rack Even before Clay Electric Cooperative sought to build a new warehouse to consolidate maintenance materials from various storage facilities into one location, the north Florida member-owned cooperative was determined to dramatically improve logistics, reliability and productivity. However, achieving this required resolving the most pressing issues encountered at its existing facilities, and engineering a solution that would lower costs and reduce downtime in the future. The co-op, which serves approximately 170,000 accounts and services an area that stretches into 14 counties, had ongoing issues with forklifts running into and damaging the racking. Bidding for the job had to be open but would come down to more than the lowest bid. In choosing value over price alone, the co-op was looking for the best long term solution. 16 TUS • January ‘18