The Utility Source January 2018 - Page 15

comment “we chose the PRINOTH PANTHER line of tracked vehicles because we believe it is the best undercarriage and track system on the market. We are impressed by the overall quality and reliability of the vehicles”. PRINOTH PRINOTH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tracked vehicles. The state-of-the-art technology and inno- vative design of the products has set them apart, offering impressive efficiency and sustainability. With over a half century of tracked vehicle experience, PRINOTH continues to develop and refine the sprockettrack system invented by Bombardier in 1935. It’s just one of the reasons why our tracked vehicles are regarded as the best in the world and why you’ll find a PRINOTH wherever there’s hard work to be done. Whether mud, gravel or snow, PRINOTH tracked utility vehicles are reliable tools for extreme use in extreme environments. Thanks to their huge payload, these vehi- cles can be equipped with a multitude of specialized attachments. PRINOTH’s tracked utility vehicles exert very low pressure on the ground and go places where wheeled vehicles sink. Today, the company is part of the HTI Group (High Technology Industries) with more than 3,250 employees worldwide. •