The Utility Source January 2018 - Page 12

• Fleet Utilization with runtime, worktime, and efficiency • Operations with upcoming and expired training date(s) • • • • • • Failed checklist items Power lost events Unreported vehicles Vehicles that fail to start Running loaded vs unloaded time Moving vs idle time   Further, the Infomatics dashboard provides comprehensive operator management which provides personal in- formation about each operator, their access level, their RFID card or keypad code, profile image, assigned train- ings and more. Simultaneously, extensive vehicle management is accessible, which delivers each vehicle’s make, model, serial number, image, class or subclass, and time zone by location. With Infomatics, fleet managers never miss a beat, thanks to its customizable email notifications; enabling man- agers to receive instant and scheduled department-targeted alerts. About Keytroller, LLC Founded in 1988, Keytroller, LLC designs, manu- factures and supplies a full line of electronic safety devices designed for forklifts, construction equip- ment, aerial lifts, personal carriers, boats, and vehicles. Their solutions include: RFID or PIN code access-monitoring systems, electronic checklist automation, impact and speed sensing, speed and directional shift controls, anti-theft wireless relay systems, digital video DVR recorders with GPS, wireless camera viewing systems, forklift spotlight warning LED, cellular and Wi-Fi hour meters, and high accuracy hydraulic weigh scales. Keytroller is headquartered in Tampa, Florida and enjoys rela- tionships with over 500 North American equipment dealers (aftermarket) many OEM vehicle manufac- turers (installed as original equipment) and import- ers in England, Europe, Australia, South America and Southeast Asia. Visit for more information. 10 TUS • January ‘18