The Utility Source January 2018 - Page 10

Keytroller Unveils INFOMATICS: The Most Advanced Fleet Management Software on the Market Keytroller, a world class designer, manufacturer, and supplier of electronic monitoring, access, safety and weigh- ing devices for forklifts and heavy equipment, is proud to unveil their most advanced fleet management software to date: Infomatics. Infomatics is a server, cloud or web-based software that provides unparalleled data transfers, granularity by enabling roles such as admin, local admin and supervisor, and it is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. INFO- MATICS is available in several configurations: 1.  Installed on client’s internal server (on premise) 2. SaaS web server subscription plan by Keytroller In addition, Infomatics delivers unmatched, extensive reporting through its easy-to-use dashboard, detailing: • Impacts • Maintenance • • 8 Speeding OSHA Reports TUS • January ‘18