The Utility Source February 2019 - Page 28

WE HAVE THE ROPE TO GET THE JOB DONE. planning—resources and skills needed, sched- ules, and staffing capabilities—into a daily report. Crane operator evaluations are just one more piece of data that can be added to the overall big picture. By inputting crane operator evaluations into iRe- portSource, managers can know what their work- force is able to do, in real time, from any location. It offers instant record-keeping, and is one of the most affordable and user-friendly programs on the market, believes Dickinson. From a computer or mobile device, the user can see identifiers tied to an employee ID number. Once the number is input, the system reports criteria for how to find that employee. The user can see all the different areas in which the operator has been trained and certified and his or her safety record. The crane operator evaluations can be done live on a mobile device and instantly become part of the sys- tem. “You can also input notes about a laborer’s productivity and whether he or she is working on time and on budget, and his or her role in the overall project,” says Dickinson. About Crane Industry Services Crane Industry Services LLC, (CIS) based in the Atlanta, Ga. area, was established in 2008. CIS pro- vides hands-on, classroom and technology-based training for the crane and rigging industry, nation- ally accredited NCCER certifications, equipment inspections, expert witness services, and consulting to the lifting industry. Crane Industry Services is WBE-certified and NCCER-accredited to train and provide OSHA-recognized, ANSI-accredited crane operator certification testing www.centeredonsafe- or (770)-783-9292. • 800-358-7673