The Utility Source February 2019 - Page 24

Crane Industry Services, LLC Adds Course to Help Employers with Crane Operator Evaluations Crane Industry Services, LLC (CIS), Carrollton, Ga., now offers training for employers who need to qualify individuals to do crane operator evaluations, according to new OSHA requirements. In addi- tion, CIS staff can provide third-party crane operator evaluations to assist com- panies who need extra help getting these done. During the first 60 days of enforcement (until April 15, 2019), OSHA will evalu- ate good faith efforts taken by employers in their at- tempt to meet the new doc- umentation requirements for operators of cranes used in construction.  “Crane operator certifica- tion is now the benchmark and employer evaluation of operator qualification is an ongoing process. We’re fielding a lot of questions from unions and employ- ers about the confusion around the new OSHA “Three men qualified on two machines each,” reported John Brown, CIS Instructor, Mentor & Examiner, who conducted crane operator evaluations on a cold day in February. 22 TUS Magazine • February ‘19 language. While OSHA allows for crane operator certification to be by crane type, or crane type and capacity, the employer, or the employer’s represen- tative, must evaluate each operator’s qualifications on