The Utility Source - April 2015 - Page 10

Motion Computing Takes TUS COMPANY PROFILE Motion Computing® understands that, for field service industries, true mobility extends far beyond making an “office setup” porta- ble. Mobility is also about much more than just equipping your workers with a tablet or smartphone and hoping they are productive wherever they go. Every industry has its unique job require- ments and going “high-tech” isn’t as simple as replacing old-school pen and paper processes with just any mobile technology. If any part of the mobile solution you choose is positioned as “one-sizefits-all” then your workers are no better off than they were with a pen and paper. For utilities, there is never a one-size-fits-all workflow, set of operational requirements or IT infrastructure. For example, Motion’s experts know that when utility employees and contractors need to get a job done, being outside is just a technicality. Trying to make them use a more consumer-designed mobile device that powers down when exposed to a few rain drops or that has a screen that’s not visible in sunlight not only limits worker produ