The Unknown Magazine Issue Four: Oh Brother - Page 8

Oh Brother. You smell that? It smells like malt whisky, leather, Teddy Roosevelt, wistfulness and many other manly type aromas. As the previous Unknown issue celebrated some of our fav up and coming creative females, I thought it only fair to make issue four all about the menfolk. To be honest... when I started working on this issue I didn’t know much about men. In my experience, man was a somewhat complex, yet two-dimensional creature. Like most women, I think the bonds of brotherhood and the inner workings of the male mind will forever be a mystery. However, in order to fill this issue with manly things, I did a little research into the four archetypes of masculinity. I learnt of the king - a centred and decisive male, who will always leave a legacy. The warrior - aggressive, yet mindful, this guy is a creative destroyer. The magician - first and foremost he is a master of technology and also a holder of much hidden knowledge. And, of course, the lover - a sensual and emotional being, who always enjoys life’s guilty pleasures. Although I feel I will always remain a little clueless when it comes to dudes, after constructing this issue, I feel as though the male gender makes a little more sense. And, is so much more than that two dimensional creature I once thought they were… most of them anyway. This issue is jam packed with a bunch of awesome creative dudes, musical menfolk and bearded brothers. So sit back and enjoy all the unknown bro-mance on the pages before you. Yours truly, Mylie N editor, creative director & founder of The Unknown Magazine PS. The Unknown Magazine is independently produced & published. We are always looking for passionate creative contributors and supporters. If you would like to become involved drop us line